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Ramen Walker Kitchen – Awesome Popup near Tokyo

The brand new Ramen Walker Kitchen (ラーメンWalkerキッチン) features delicious ramen from famous ramen shops across Japan. Located in Tokorozawa (Saitama), it’s an easy 1 hour train ride from Tokyo.

10 Ramen Legends

Ramen Walker Kitchen – The Concept

Backed by heavyweight media group Ramen Walker, the Ramen Walker Kitchen truly is a one-of-a-kind. It’s all about featuring deliciously different ramen at different times (rotating on a monthly basis).

Ramen Walker Kitchen - Ramen

They’ve gone all out too. Specifically, they’re working with at least 10 legendary ramen shops and their respective ramen chefs. This includes Michelin star ramen shops in Tokyo. The ramen bowl pictured was from opening day.

It’s ramen shop Shichisai’s signature ramen with thick, hand-massaged noodles. But the special twist is that the soup is also blended with deer bones. It’s safe to expect these unique limited time bowls at “the Kitchen”.

The Space

The Kitchen is located in Tokorozawa, Saitama (north of Tokyo). It’s in the new commercial complex Tokorozawa Sakura Town. It impressively houses buildings designed by internationally respected architect Kengo Kuma.

Ramen Walker Kitchen - Inside

Furthermore, the complex has a museum and even an anime hotel. In the Kitchen itself, there are both tables and counters. The open kitchen allows for a grew view of the ramen making process from any of the seats.

On a personal note, I’m very happy they’ve created this space. You can sample special, high-level ramen without the wait time at the actual ramen shops.

After ribbon cutting

I look forward to going back. Whether you’re a fan of ramen, or even a fan of modern architecture, there’s something for you here!

Video on Opening Day:


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