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Yoga Area Ramen Shop Sairaiken – Since 1959

When it comes to the Yoga area for ramen, I absolutely love ramen restaurant Sairaiken (再来軒). Now celebrating 60 years of business, it’s run by two lovely ladies and has all the mystical charm of a Showa era establishment.

Yoga Ramen + Memory Lane

Sairaiken is just a stone’s throw away from Yoga station on the Den-en-toshi Line. Yoga is quaint residential neighborhood tucked away in Setagaya City and it’s close to where I grew up.

Yoga Ramen Sairaiken - Legend

Sairaiken certainly feels like that neighborhood ramen shop. You can tell they have a steady stream of devoted customers.

The biggest highlight is the two friendly ladies that work there. Interacting with them is a joy. Their friendly energy knows no bounds, even as they tirelessly prepare bowl after bowl.

Simple But Delicious Ramen

They have 3 varieties of ramen: shoyu, shio and soy milk. They all have zero chemical additives. The broth is made up of chicken and pork bones, fish, and various vegetables.

Yoga Ramen Sairaiken - Shoyu

Shoyu Ramen with Dumplings

It’s all simple but delicious. The shio broth is lively and refreshing. The shoyu is similarly tasty. But it’s quite a light shoyu and almost leans in the direction of white shoyu.

Yoga Ramen Sairaiken - Shio

Shio Ramen

Get the dumpling (wonton) toppings for only an extra ¥100. They’re fluffy and have a wonderful amount of ginger. The meaty chashu is no slouch either.

Yoga Ramen Sairaiken - Noodles

Thin noodles

While the classic ramen is marvelous, Sairaiken is all about the overall experience. This ramen shop is truly one of a kind, and the best Yoga ramen restaurant.


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