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Shin-Nakano Ramen (Tokyo) – The Greatest Noodles

The area around Shin-Nakano station (Tokyo) has fantastic ramen. But one ramen shop in particular stands out – Daruma! They hand roll and hand cut heavenly noodles for every single order!

Ramen Near Shin-Nakano Station

Junteuchi Daruma (純手打ち だるま) is relatively easy to get to. They’re close to Shin-Nakano and Nakano-fujimicho stations on the Metro Marunouchi Line in Tokyo.

Shin-Nakano Ramen - Outside Daruma

The neighborhood around Daruma is cozy and relaxing. This is extended to inside Daruma as well. They seem to like laid-back, upbeat music. This includes John Mayer.

Noodles sent from Heaven

Daruma’s owner previously worked at Tokyo ramen juggernaut Shichisai. Just like Shichsai, Daruma makes their noodles in-house. They also prep them for EACH individual ramen order.

“Prep them for each individual order”? This means they hand-roll and hand-cut their noodles for every customer. As a process, this understandably takes longer. But it ensures that the noodles are as fresh as can be.

Shin-Nakano Ramen - Noodle Making
Magic Noodle Room

High in water content, Daruma’s noodles are relatively light and fantastically bouncy. Furthermore, they’re slippery and thick like udon. However, they still have proper firmness like ramen. ⁠Heaven in noodle form.

Everything Else in the Ramen

Daruma serves one style of ramen. Just ONE. Expectedly, the soup is excellent. A light soy sauce seasoning steers the bowl. But it’s just punchy enough, with its gleaming chicken flavor. ⁠

The little pockets of spinach and negi (spring onions) are like electric currents in the soup. The super thin menma (bamboo shoots) are meant to look like gold silk (12 o’clock). They use 2 types of pork chashu. 1 is fattier. The other is leaner and has a dark meat flavor.

Broth, noodles, and toppings – Daruma’s ramen naturally looks like the ramen at Shichisai. Shichisai is again is where Daruma’s owner trained. Some might even argue that the student has become the master. ⁠

Regardless, Junteuchi Daruma is a Tokyo ramen shop you don’t want to miss!


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