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Shinbu Sakiya – Broiled Miso Ramen in Shibuya

Shinbu Sakiya (真武咲弥) is the go-to for miso ramen in Shibuya. Also carrying vegan ramen, their smoky flavored miso is the biggest hit with late night revelers.

They also have vegan / vegetarian options and gluten-free noodles!

Shinbu Sakiya Shibuya Miso Ramen - Outside

Their Most Popular – Miso Ramen 

Their miso ramen broth is a blend of Shinshu miso, Hokkaido Kouitten miso and 12+ other ingredients. It’s thinner and therefore doesn’t feel too heavy. But it’s delicious, particularly after the blowtorch broil. 

Shinbu Sakiya Shibuya Miso Ramen - Bowl
Miso Ramen with Egg

The meat-based broth is pork, chicken and fish. Scroll down down for info on their vegan / vegetarian options.  

Shinbu Sakiya Shibuya Miso Ramen - Spicy Bowl
Spicy Miso Ramen

The noodles are thick and somewhat curly, just like you’d find in Sapporo. If you’re craving more heat, spicy miso ramen is available too. 

Vegan / Vegetarian, Gluten-Free Ramen

Shinbu Sakiya also serves shoyu and shio ramen. With these choices and with the miso, you can choose a vegan / vegetarian broth. They also have gluten-free, brown rice noodles.

Shinbu Sakiya Shibuya Miso Ramen - Vegan Ramen
Vegan Miso Ramen

Their vegan ramen features a colorful arrangement of vegetables, including menma, corn, negi, cabbage, and a bright red tomato.

Vegan Shio Ramen

They all still brim with bold flavors thanks to their seasoning, whether the red miso or the dark soy sauce.

Lastly, Shinbu Sakiya has the 5 AM Ramen late night stamp of approval. They’re open until 5 AM from Monday to Thursday and until 7 am on Friday and Saturday.

Shinbu Sakiya Shibuya Miso Ramen - Inside
1st and 2nd Floor Seating

For miso ramen in Shibuya, Shinbu Sakiya is the only place to consider.


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