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Tasty Chicken Ramen – Menya Fujishiro in Meguro

Menya Fujishiro does one type of ramen and they do it extremely well: Chicken Ramen. If you’re looking for a creamy and rich chicken broth, look no further. This cozy 11 seater ramen shop is close to Meguro station.

Tasty Chicken Ramen - Menya Fujishiro in Meguro 1

Chicken Ramen

Their Chicken Ramen starts at ¥750. The magic broth is composed of chicken from Daisen, Japan, roasted beef ribs, and some fish. The broth is creamy, relatively thick and unbelievably tasty. To top it all off, fried garlic is sprinkled throughout the broth. They use thin, straight noodles for the chicken ramen.

Tasty Chicken Ramen - Menya Fujishiro in Meguro 2

Special Chicken Ramen (All Toppings, ¥980)

Chicken Tsukemen

Their Chicken Tsukemen starts at ¥770. The broth here is sweeter and not as heavy as the ramen broth. It’s composed of shoyu (soy sauce), dried sardines, shiitake mushrooms, kelp, and the same special chicken foundation. They use thick noodles for the chicken tsukemen.

Tasty Chicken Ramen - Menya Fujishiro in Meguro 3

Special Chicken Tsukemen (All Toppings, ¥980)

The broths are amazing by themselves but you can add from 2 jars of condiments if you like. 1 jar is lemon and ginger (to add a sweet, citrusy undercurrent). The other jar is crushed garlic (for your date afterwards).

All their toppings are terrific but their chashu pork probably should take the top award. It’s soft and is almost like roasted pork.

Menya Fujishiro is right across the street from the West Exit of Meguro station. It’s located in the basement of an old school building, as pictured below.

Tasty Chicken Ramen - Menya Fujishiro in Meguro 4

In summary, for chicken ramen or chicken tsukemen, Menya Fujishiro doesn’t mess around!

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