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Ten to Sen - Spicy Ramen in Shimokitazawa

Spice Ramen Ten to Sen (スパイスラーメン 点と線.) has the most interesting ramen in Shimokitazawa. Their colorful ramen are all about non-Japanese spices and roar with flavor.

Ten to Sen's Unique Spice Ramen

Ten to Sen’s ramen fall under the “spice ramen” category, or ramen with more exotic spices.

This makes sense. The company running Ten to Sen is famous for soup curry (a Hokkaido born curry dish). They proudly source most of their ingredients from Hokkaido – meat (pork, chicken, fish) and vegetables.

Ten to Sen - Signature Spice Ramen

In their spice ramen, you’ll notice a bright jungle of toppings. These provide an array of textures and include cashew nuts, deep fried burdock, red onion slices, paprika, and wood ear mushrooms.

SP Spice Ramen
SP Spice Ramen (All Toppings)

In the broth there’s a lot going on, flavor-wise. But it’s not muddled and confusing. It’s rather deliciously interesting and you’ll taste everything from cumin to turmeric. It’s like a cross between ramen and spice-heavy soup curry.

Thick Noodles
Thick Noodles

Soupless Spice Ramen

They also offer a soupless ramen (maze soba) – sublime during the hot summer months.

Soupless Spice Ramen
Spice Mazesoba

This version allows you to better appreciate the individual topping textures. But the spices take more of a backseat without the soup.

The shop has a warm, chic interior. It matches the neighborhood. In summary, Spice Ramen Ten to Sen has achieved excellence in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo.

Inside Ten to Sen


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