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Best Shimokitazawa Ramen: Men to Mirai

Men to#5DC00A

Mirai is at the top of the Shimokitazawa ramen world. Their original fish broth is only surpassed by their excellent, distinctly chewy noodles.

Delicate Ayu Fish, Chicken Broth

Jun Teuchi Men to Mirai only has 1 ramen choice. But it’s all you’ll need.

Its salt seasoning is mineral-heavy and uniquely includes Kuranomoto sake and ayu fish oil.

The ayu makes for a sweeter broth and lends a fishy zing. But it’s not overly fishy and the chicken that’s also in the broth adds a silky richness. No additives in here either!

Noodles you won’t forget

Their excellent in-house noodles steal the show. They’re ultra chewy and doughy like mochi but also slippery and thick like udon.

I wish I could take home a crate of these noodles.

The toppings are great too. The pork chashu is delightfully soft, fatty, and only nominally marinated so that the broth can shine brightest. The shrimp dumplings are a lovely addition.

Front row seat

Men to Mirai is a relative newcomer to the Shimokitazawa ramen scene. But they’ve already made a big, noodlely splash.

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