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Best Tokyo Yakisoba: Mikasa in Jimbocho

For the best Tokyo yakisoba, look no further than Mikasa (みかさ) in Jimbocho. Mikasa takes this simple stir-fried noodle dish and propels it to a new level.

Tokyo Yakisoba – Picture Perfect Noodles

Yakisoba is often sold by food vendors at festivals (matsuri) in Japan. It’s cheap and filling. The wheat noodles used are usually round and soft.

Tokyo Yakisoba Mikasa - Noodles

More Firm Noodles

But at Mikasa, they use fresh noodles. The difference is immediately noticeable. The noodles have a perfect bite to them. They’re also more flat.

Plenty of Condiments

Mikasa is generous with the yakisoba (Worcestershire-like) sauce as it is. But if you feel the need to add more, there is more on the table.

After adding the red ginger

Other condiments on the table include black pepper, red ginger (benishouga), spicy mayonnaise, and fried batter bits with squid (ika tenkasu).

Another big difference with Mikasa’s yakisoba is the egg omelette on top. This egg is slightly runny and brings some creaminess. Below the egg layer is charred slices of pork with a sweeter flavor.

In Conclusion

Tokyo Yakisoba Mikasa - Outside

Again, think of this as elevated yakisoba that’s still affordable. At Mikasa it’s just ¥700 for the large or regular size (and ¥500 for small)!


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