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Top Oshiage Ramen – Takesue (near Sky Tree)

For top ranked ramen near Oshiage station, visit Takesue Tokyo Premium (竹末東京プレミアム)! Each of their ramen comes with a complete platter of high-grade meat.

Top Oshiage Ramen

The original Takesue ramen shop is in Tochigi (North of Tokyo). Takesue Tokyo Premium is a wonderful offshoot of the original shop.

Top Row, No. 2 for Shoyu, 2nd Row No. 2 for Shio

Their ramen soup is light. But it’s loaded with a shining chicken flavor. You can smell the chickens as soon as you walk in the door. They have a couple of ramen options. But most go for the shoyu (soy sauce) or shio (salt) seasoned bowls.

Shoyu Ramen with Egg

In the shoyu, there’s just the right amount of tanginess. It doesn’t get in the way either, letting the deep soup flavors properly surface. But in the shio ramen, there’s a softer temperament.

Shio Ramen with Egg, Extra Toppings

The lighter shio seasoning brings out the soup flavors even more. Among toppings, hosaki menma (bamboo shoot) and bok choy drape the side of the bowl. Raw onions add crunchy sparks. In the shio, spring onions are swapped out with kaiware sprouts.

The noodles are obviously good too – thin and beautifully folded in the bowls.

Meat Platter Party

Now on to the meat! In the shio ramen below you have 3 types of meat…but as double portions. This means six pieces of meat in total.

Double Meat Portion

If you press the bottom left of the ticket machine, you’ll be able to do this too. They regularly change up the meat toppings. On the day, they can be anything from beef ribs to fatty broiled duck!

Single Meat Portion

The selection of meats is quite astounding – it’s really like having two meals. On top of this, you won’t break the bank. All their meaty ramen is more than affordable.

Tokyo Sky Tree on a foggy day

All in all, Takesue Tokyo Premium has got you covered if you’re looking for fantastic ramen near Oshiage station!


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