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Tanmen: Healthier, Vegetable Ramen at Tonari

Tokyo Tanmen Tonari (東京タンメン トナリ) specializes in delicious and affordable tanmen. Tanmen is essentially a vegetable ramen. Tonari believes their tanmen helps everyone get the recommended daily vegetable intake of 350 grams.

Vegetable Ramen at Tonari - Outside

Tanmen – Vegetable Ramen?

Tonari uses salt seasoning that’s combined with chicken and pork bone stock. For this reason, tanmen is somewhat similar in taste to salt (shio) ramen. 

While tanmen is not completely vegetarian, it is less meaty with the lighter broth and mountain of vegetables. These vegetables are the star of the show, especially at Tonari. 

Vegetable Ramen at Tonari - Counter

Tonari’s Take on Tanmen

Like most tanmen, Tonari’s vegetables have a singed taste, thanks to being stir-fried. The crunchy vegetables stand out (namely cabbage and bean sprouts) most. There are also micro bits of chewy squid tentacles (geso) but they don’t take over the flavors. The ginger on the side also adds a welcome sweetness. 

Vegetable Ramen at Tonari - Tanmen

Vegetable Ramen at Tonari - Health Benefits

While still close to shio ramen, the broth at Tonari is slightly creamier. This is likely from more intense boiling of the chicken and pork bones. 

Vegetable Ramen at Tonari - Veggies

Affordable and Several Branches in Tokyo

Tonari’s flagship branch is in Kiba. But their most popular branch is near Tokyo station.

Vegetable Ramen at Tonari - Tokyo Marunouchi

Tokyo Station Branch

If you’re looking for a great place to enjoy Michelin star worthy vegan ramen in Tokyo station, click here: ARTICLE LINK

Vegetable Ramen at Tonari - Kiba

Kiba Branch

The pricing at Tonari is as follows:

  1. Tanmen: ¥730 

  2. Tanmen with gyoza: ¥880 

  3. Tanmen with fried chicken: ¥880 

  4. Tanmen with gyoza and fried chicken: ¥890 

  5. Miso Tanmen: ¥850

  6. Super Spicy Tanmen: ¥850

  7. Tanmen – Tsukemen Style: ¥850

Their gyoza are wonderful. The wraps are fried just right, with a proper ratio of meat and veggies on the inside.

Vegetable Ramen at Tonari - Gyoza

In summary, for a vegetable heavy tanmen that packs a punch, try Tonari!

Tokyo Station Branch:

Kiba Branch:


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