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Ame wa Yasashiku - Contemporary Miso Ramen

Ame wa Yasahiku (雨は、やさしく) doesn't serve your typical bowl of miso ramen. This much is apparent from just looking at it.

Ame wa Yasashiku - Among Sapporo's Best

Ame wa Yasahiku is one of Sapporo's highest ranked ramen restaurants. It's a little bit out of the way from Central Sapporo. But it's more than worth the hike.

The closest train station is Shiroishi. For reference, "Ame wa Yasahiku" translates into "the rain is gentle". They've got a cool little logo with the character for rain.

Contemporary Miso Ramen

At first glance, this might not even look like ramen. Starting from the bottom, the fairly oily soup is mainly niboshi (dried sardines). The niboshi supply a distinct smokiness and bitterness. They regularly trade punches with the miso seasoning in the soup.

In this manner, the niboshi and miso agree to share the stage. The tall column of toppings include green negi (spring onions), minced kelp, deep-fried gobo (burdock root), and shiso.

But the topping that stands out most is the pink colored chicken liver paste. Pâté in ramen - who would have thought? Add it to the soup as you like. Doing so makes it creamier and thicker.

There are thin noodles to soak up this unique miso, niboshi, and chicken liver soup. They're supplied by noodle company Kanejin.

Other Ramen Choices

On their ticket machine, press the top left button to order this ramen. Besides miso, you can also choose shoyu (soy sauce), shio (salt), or spicy miso for the base. But as above, I think miso is the way to go.

Like any popular ramen restaurant, there's always a chance they run out ramen soup. So it pays to go early. In conclusion, Ame wa Yasahiku serves one of the most interesting miso ramen bowls in Japan. Sapporo City, Hokkaido should be proud to have them.

Shop Hours: 11 am ~ 3 pm / 6 pm ~ 8:20 pm (Last Order)

closed on Mondays


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