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The Best Narita Ramen, at Narita Airport

For the best Narita ramen, look no further! These are THE 3 SHOPS to visit at Narita Airport – from sesame-based vegan ramen to one of the most popular ramen bowls in Japan.

#1: Tomita, Japan’s Finest Ramen

Ramen shop Tomita in Matsudo (north of Tokyo) is consistently ranked at the very top of ramen lists. It’s arguably the most popular shop in the entire country and Tomita himself is a rockstar of the ramen world (you may have heard of the documentary “Ramenheads”).”

Tomita's Signature Shoyu Ramen

“Chukasoba” Ramen with Egg: ¥960

Tomita’s jishinsaku is a flawlessly crafted, rich tsukemen (dipping noodles). But he’s also crafted a delicious ramen and it’s certainly no slouch. At Narita airport, you can choose either the tsukemen or the ramen.

Tomita Noodle Pullup

The shoyu ramen broth is very filling, and brimming with fatty oil. Their signature noodles delightfully soak up a lot of this broth. In addition, I would describe everything as “sweeter” – the broth, menma and even the egg have a particular sweetness to them.

While the airport shop might not have all the charm of the original Matsudo shop, you’ll be avoiding the massive lines!

Tomita Shop Exterior

Location: Terminal 1, 4th Floor

#2: Tokyo Tonkotsu Base by Ippudo

Ippudo has firmly established a ramen empire within and outside of Japan. Their signature tonkotsu ramen satisfies and dominates like no other.

Ippudo’s Tokyo Tonkotsu Base brand is relatively new. Besides just tonkotsu ramen, you get to choose tonkotsu ramen blended with shoyu or miso.

Tonkotsu Miso Ramen

Miso Tonktosu Ramen with Egg: ¥1,000

Their tonkotsu miso ramen is perfect for a cold winter night. It’s heavy and almost looks like a bowl of Jiro ramen, with bits of pork fat floating at the very top. But it’s delicious. It has a sharp and spicy miso taste and is packed with a good amount of ginger. Drier noodles soak up less of the broth.

Tokyo Tonkotsu Base Shop Interior

Location: Terminal 2, 4th Floor

#3: T’s Tantanmen – Vegan Ramen

T’s Tantanmen is one of the best vegan ramen shops in Japan, hands-down. Their tantamen incorporate white, gold or black sesame and each one tastes a bit different.

Delicious Vegan Ramen at T's

White Sesame Vegan Tantanmen with Drink: ¥1,000

If you’re new to T’s, try their white sesame tantanmen. The wonderful creaminess of the broth is guilt-free. It’s clean and has a kick from dried chili strings and satisfyingly sweet minced soy meat.

The noodles at T’s are always rather soft and soak up a lot of that delicious, nutty broth.

Watch the planes go by

At breakfast, you also get a coffee or tea with your meal. The tea of course comes with soy milk. Grab a seat at the counter to watch the planes go by as you slurp.

Location: Terminal 2, 4th Floor

If you’re in Tokyo for a longer period of time, book a Tokyo Ramen Tour!


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