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Best Tokyo Somen – Tasty and Modern

For the best Tokyo somen (noodles), visit So-men So so so. Located in Ebisu, they serve tasty, traditional cold somen, along with some creatively modern somen.

Tokyo Somen - Outside

Somen (or sōmen) are thin wheat noodles eaten all over East Asia. In Japan, somen is served hot or cold. But cold somen is the most common.

Classic Tokyo Somen

So-men So so so serves traditional somen, cold and with dipping tsuyu. This tsuya is a lightly flavored soy sauce with bonito fish flakes.

Tokyo Somen - Lunch Meal

When you dip the noodles in, enjoy refreshing garnishes like myoga (ginger flower), ginger, and negi (spring onions). They’re colorful and bright.

Tokyo Somen - Dipping
Caught some myouga

All of their somen noodles are made on the exotic Shodoshima, which is part of the Seto Inland Sea. Everything that comes out of this pocket of the country is quality.

Modern and Creative Somen

Beyond traditional somen, you’ll find plenty of somen on their menu with contemporary twists. In addition, if you go at dinner, you can get them as half size portions.

Pictured above is a sweet Okinawan style soki somen. To the right of that is a creamy mentaiko (cod roe) somen. Bottom is a spicy Korean jjigae somen. Each of the three feature appropriately different toppings and are served hot.

Okinawan-sized pork ribs

Ideal for summer, they’re now serving a sudachi citrus and junsai vegetable somen, as below. The sudachi brings acidity and sweetness. This is coupled with a sliminess from the junsai.

Tokyo Somen - Sudachi Somen

The Genovese pasta somen is fantastically buttery. Furthermore, it uniquely uses oba (perilla).

Or try the meaty miso somen! There’s a good amount of numbing pepper in it. The runny egg on top makes everything rich and hearty.

Tokyo Somen - Miso Somen

Other Side Dishes

Lastly, they have a humongous menu, whether olive flavored croquette, or slightly slimy aonori seaweed karaage fried chicken.

The dishes are the tip of the iceberg. Arrive hungry.

If you’re craving delicious Tokyo somen, swing by So-men So so so!

Tokyo Somen - Inside


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