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Bubuka - Sensational Ramen in Kichijoji

Visit Bubuka (ぶぶか) for buttery soupless ramen (abura soba) in Kichijoji. This includes uber thick noodles! Choose between a bolder “black” or milder “white” branded abura soba (soupless ramen).

Bubuka - Black or White?

Black or White?

Bubuka is one the best places to get abura soba in Tokyo. They have two shops, one in Kichijoji (ぶぶか吉祥寺北口店), and the other in Nishidai (ぶぶか 西台店). Kichijoji, featured here, is most famous!

Bolder Black Soupless Ramen

In their top selling “black” abura soba, the oil is thick and dominant. It coats the noodles with a wonderful buttery richness. The lard-powered oil is plentiful, like a geyser of delicious pork bone richness and soy sauce.

Bubuka Ramen - Black
White Abura Soba with Egg

The toppings are classic for the most part – seaweed, negi, menma, naruto, and extra fatty chashu pork. In addition, as the noodles are massively thick, note that it take a little time to prep them.

Bubuka Ramen - Thick Noodle Pullup

Milder White Soupless Ramen

The white abura soba is indeed milder in flavor but it also tastes more creamy, in the way that an egg would, or a cream-based pasta. On the topping side of things, kaiware sprouts add a refreshing, bright green touch.

Bubuka Ramen - White
White Abura Soba with Egg

If you order the egg topping, you’ll find it’s extra soft-boiled and runny. They use the same thick noodles in the “white” version.

Bubuka Ramen - Thinner Noodle Pullup

Since the white isn’t as bold in flavor, feel free to add the raiyu chili oil, garlic, or vinegar available. These condiments add some personality.

Again, Bubuka is the best option for delicious soupless ramen in Kichijoji, and in Tokyo!




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