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Chukasoba Nishino - Flawless Ramen in Hongo-Sanchome

Chukasoba Nishino (中華蕎麦にし乃) serves ramen that's minimalist in appearance. But it deceivingly packs a delicious punch.

Located near Hongo-Sanchome station, Chukasoba Nishino has won multiple awards. They even have a nod from Michelin (their Bib Gourmand Guide for Tokyo).

Chukasoba Nishino...Ramen Perfecto

They are the second outpost from the acclaimed ramen group that’s given us Ramen Koike (shop 1) and King Seimen (shop 3)⁠. ⁠

Chukasoba Nishino - with Dumplings

At this shop, their “chukasoba” (ramen) broth is punchier than the 2 other shops, as it has chicken and pork bones (not just fish). In short, it’s a complex TRIPLE SOUP (three separate soups)! Saba (mackerel) oil adds to the existing layers of flavor⁠.

Chukasoba Nishino - Just Ramen

Next to a shiro shoyu (white soy sauce) seasoning (which they love using), they apply a koikuchi shoyu (dark soy sauce). This adds to the existing punchiness in the soup.

Chukasoba Nishino - Noodles

The noodles are ultra thin noodles and are somewhat delicate. Their signature shrimp and pork dumplings are served on the side and not in the ramen.

Chukasoba Nishino - Wonton Dumplings

I imagine this is done to keep the minimalist look of everything in the bowl.

Some Notes

Despite Chukasoba Nishino’s upper class standing in the ramen world, the line doesn’t get too crazy. If you visit for a late lunch or early dinner, you should be good to go.

Besides the chukasoba (pictured), they serve a sansho soba. This basically them adding a layer of numbing pepper to the broth. This bowl is excellent as well.

For Hongo-Sanchome ramen, Nishino more than has you covered with their flawless ramen.


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