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Best Curry Ramen in Tokyo: Shuichi

Curry ramen – it’s the best of both worlds! Ramen restaurant Shuichi specializes in this beautiful fusion mashup.

You can enjoy Shuichi’s ramen late night too. Their Roppongi and Ebisu shops are open until 6 am and 5 am!

Curry Ramen

Shuichi’s signature yellowish broth is made from chicken and pork stock, onions, and trace amounts of beef and fish extract. It’s savory, slightly creamy, and out of this world!

Classic Curry Ramen in Tokyo
Curry Ramen, All Toppings

Furthermore, it’s a milder tasting curry. It’s closer to a Singaporean laksa or Thai khao soi than a Indian or Japanese curry. There’s also a smoky flavor, accentuated by the wonderful broiled chashu pork.

Black Sesame Tantanmen

This ramen just might be my favorite here. The curry base is perfectly matched up with black sesame and black pepper. Its still milky from the curry but is elevated with this peppery and spicy assist.

Curry Ramen (Tantanmen) in Tokyo

As a tantanmen, there’s crispy bok choy in the middle. Finally, a giant ball of minced pork replaces the pork chashu slices. Heaven on earth.

Supercharged with Spicy Miso

If you’re looking for even more heat, try the Spicy Miso Curry Ramen. The curry flavor makes way for a spicy red miso from Sendai. It’s a fantastic marriage.

Spicy Miso Curry Ramen
Spicy Miso Curry Ramen, All Toppings

There’s even more crunch in this one, coming from plenty of bean sprouts and cabbage.

Curry Tsukemen

This is actually the dish I order the least – but locals love it! It’s delicious like their ramen but the broth is slightly creamier and more concentrated.

Curry Tsukemen, All Toppings

The tsukemen also uses flatter noodles. Bear in mind that the noodles are served cold – this is how tsukemen goes!

Below is a video on how they’ve been faring during the current crisis. At the end, I showcase their delicious ramen!

Curry Ramen in Tokyo - Shuichi Interior

In summary, whether you’re craving some late night ramen, or are looking for a soul-warming ramen lunch, Shuichi has you covered.

Ebisu Shop:

Roppongi Shop:


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