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​Niboshi Ramen in Ebisu – Ozeki Chukasoba

If you want old-school ramen in Ebisu with a twist, check out Ozeki Chukasoba. This shop is adored by locals and is very close to Ebisu station. All their ramen starts at ¥830!

Chukasoba – their Top Dish

Their most popular dish is “Chukasoba”. Ozeki keeps it old-school, as “Chukasoba” means “Chinese noodles”.

Classic Chukasoba

Chukasoba with egg: ¥930

The broth has a light soy sauce flavoring and includes chicken from Koushu, Yamanashi and premium pork stock. The vegetables are “gently” boiled to extract the right amount of flavor and also keep balance with the kelp and fish.

The toppings give their ramen a distinct, almost unusual look. For one, the chashu pork looks atypical and almost tastes like ham. The menma are also unique. They’re long and thin and taken from the top of the bamboo shoot (not the bottom).

Niboshi Ramen – for Fish Lovers

Niboshi Soba: ¥830

Fish lovers will be happy with this one. Their Niboshi Ramen (“Niboshi Soba”) uses 3 types of fish that are slowly boiled. This is to extract as much umami as possible.

In addition to the fish taste, the niboshi ramen is much saltier than the Chukasoba. It’s also heavier and somewhat richer.

For those desiring something even more rich and creamy, have no fear. They also have a paitan (creamy chicken) ramen. Personally, I’m more about the Chukasoba or the Niboshi Ramen.

Locals rate Ozeki Chukasoba as one of the best shops for ramen in Ebisu. Enjoy!

Shop Hours: Weekdays, Sat: 11:00 ~ 15:00 17:00 ~ 22:00 / Sun, Holidays: 11:00 ~ 14:00


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