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TOP Dumpling Ramen in Hamadayama [Tantantei]

For fabulous dumpling ramen near Hamadayama station (Suginami City), visit Tantantei (たんたん亭)! Dating back to 1977, they’re a Tokyo ramen pioneer with a unique ramen style.

Hamadayama Ramen Superstar

Tantantei is famous to the point where there’s a “Tantantei style” of ramen! Furthermore, there are a handful of former Tantantei staff running their very own ramen shops. This includes Tokyo ramen institutions Yakumo and Kazuya.

Hamadayama Ramen Outside

But after leaving Tantantei, these ramen shop apprentices created more modern bowls. Tantantei’s ramen, on the other hand, is frozen in time. There’s a certain old-school simplicity to it.

Hamadayama Ramen Bowl
“Mix” Wantanmen (Dumpling Ramen)

But this doesn’t mean the ingredients are simple. A light soy sauce seasoning releases a soup that is chicken and pork bones, mackerel and bonito fish flakes, dried shrimp, and niboshi (dried sardines).

Hamadayama Ramen Noodles

Many consider this to be the ideal “Tokyo ramen”, a prototype of sorts. Savory flavors from the chicken and pork bones meet sharper jolts from the fish elements. But it doesn’t stop there…

Go for the Dumplings

You have to order their famous dumplings. The “Mix Wantanmen” comes with both juicy shrimp AND pork dumplings.

Other toppings in the ramen include little bits of negi (spring onions), menma sticks (bamboo shoots), a sheet of seaweed, and classic chashu pork.

Intimate Interior

It’s just counter seats at Tantantei. Every seat is a front row seat, with a commanding view of the kitchen. You’ll feel like it’s 1977 too, with the rustic interior.

Hamadayama Ramen Inside

As they don’t take a break between lunch and dinner, they do have quieter periods. Altogether, Tantantei is a favorite among Tokyo ramen enthusiasts!


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