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Refined Dumpling Ramen in Tokyo: Yakumo

Yakumo (八雲) is one of the most renowned for dumpling ramen in Tokyo, for good reason. Their contemporary dumpling ramen will make you dance and sing.

Yakumo - Inside
The Sacred Ramen Catwalk

Contemporary Dumpling Ramen at Yakumo

Wontonmen (dumpling ramen) is normally a modest affair. Not for Yakumo – they elegantly kick it up a notch.

Black Shoyu Ramen with Dumplings
4 Dumpling (Black Shoyu) Ramen

Choose to have either 4 or 6 of their succulent shrimp and pork dumplings (“Half” or “Full” size). Magnificent dumplings.

The Ramen Broth

Choose from 2 broth seasonings – white or black shoyu. They’re best known for the white, as pictured below.

White Shoyu Ramen
No Dumpling Ramen (White Shoyu)

The “white” is like a delicate, wheaty shoyu seasoning, with a rich collagen aftertaste and hint of fish. I tried it without dumplings, to better focus on just the broth.

But both broths are excellent. “Black” has more of that typically tangy soy sauce quality.

Noodles, Other Toppings

Their slippery, chic noodles really soak up the broth.

Thin Noodles
Thin Noodles

With dumplings so good, it’s hard to even think about other toppings. But their bottom part menma (bamboo shoots) are charmingly flavored.

Their chashu pork is closer to Chinese BBQ pork. It’s sweeter, perhaps from brown sugar or even honey.

Absolute Beauty

In conclusion, for refined, contemporary Dumpling Ramen in Tokyo, you have to visit Yakumo. They recently moved from the Naka-Meguro neighborhood to nearby Ikejiri-Ohashi.

For reference, the owner at Yakumo comes from the Tantantei school of ramen!


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