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Henry Hotel Manila: Vintage Experience, Delightful Food

Henry Hotel Manila is more than a hotel…it’s a true cultural gem. Many of Manila’s Spanish (16th – 19th century) and American (19th-early 20th century) colonial era buildings were destroyed in WW2 or in systematic razing common in the 1960s.

This said, the Henry Hotel Manila is a treat; a refreshing throwback to an earlier era of the Philippines. All building materials are apparently original, coming from old heritage houses.

Henry Hotel Manila 1

Beautiful Hotel Grounds

The rustic architecture breathes life into the gorgeous, green hotel grounds.

Henry Hotel Manila 2

Henry Hotel Manila 3

Henry Hotel Manila 4

Superb Food and Drink

Food and drink at the Henry Hotel Manila are also superb. The in-house restaurant “Apartment 1B” has other locations in Manila and at the Henry, serves breakfast from 7 am to 3 pm.

Henry Hotel Manila 5

Green Mango Shake

There’s a lot of selection on their breakfast menu – organic waffles, omelettes, croque madames, and so forth. Their “Egg White Scramble” (below) is spot on and includes grilled veggies, a mixed green salad, and home fries.

Henry Hotel Manila 6

Below is their “Fruit Plate”, which comes with a side of cottage cheese.

Henry Hotel Manila 7

Henry Hotel Manila 8

Pool Area

For lunch and dinner, they have everything from Mac and Cheese to Whole Wheat Spaghetti.

As for their rooms, modern furniture is appropriately and tastefully matched to the classic aesthetic. Head designer Eric Paras put much thought into the 34 rooms, of which there are 3 types: Classic, Suite and Owner’s Suite.

All pictures below are from one of their Suites.

Sweet Suite Room

Henry Hotel Manila 9

Spacious Living Room

Henry Hotel Manila 10

Patio Area

In the Suite, there’s one TV in the living room and another in the bedroom.

Henry Hotel Manila 11

Henry Hotel Manila 12

The bathroom includes an old-school acrylic clawfoot bathtub. The bedroom TV can be seen from the bathtub…it doesn’t get any better than this.

Henry Hotel Manila 13

In a notoriously busy city, the Henry Hotel Manila is a wonderful retreat. Do note that there’s also a Henry Hotel in Cebu!

Henry Hotel Manila 14

The Henry Hotel Manila

The Henry Hotel Cebu


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