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Kadoya Shokudo in Osaka - Ramen Fit for a King

Kadoya Shokudo (カドヤ食堂 総本店) in Osaka is one of the most famous ramen shops in all of Japan. Here's all you need to know about them!

Kadoya Shokudo - Signature Chuukasoba

Kadoya Shokudo - Upgraded Classics

Kadoya Shokudo is a celebrated name, frequently topping the lists of the best ramen shops in Osaka. This iconic eatery has been serving hungry locals since 1953.

Think of the ramen they serve as upgraded classics. At first glance, the ramen appears traditional, but a deeper dive reveals complex flavors and careful craftsmanship.

Outside Kadoya Shokudo

While you may encounter a line outside, the wait's pleasantly shorter compared to high-level ramen shops in Tokyo.

Chuukasoba - The Flag Bearer

Their signature dish is chuukasoba, a classic ramen seasoned with shoyu (soy sauce). Unlike similar bowls in Tokyo, the soup here is notably sweeter, a common characteristic of ramen in this region.

Helicopter View of Main Shoyu Ramen

The sweet seasoning complements a broth made from chicken bones, pork bones, and seafood. They use premium-grade black pork and Nagoya Cochin chickens.

Overall, the soup is light, but chicken oils add a syrupy, rich finish, enhancing the flavors of the chicken and pork bones.

Thin Noodles

The thin noodles are made in-house.

Tsukemen - My Favorite

In their tsukesoba (tsukemen), or dipping ramen, the noodles are much thicker. The broth is also thicker and more concentrated. Furthermore, it has a significantly less sweet flavor compared to the chuukasoba, which I find more to my liking.

Tsukesoba (Dipping Ramen)

The toppings are similar in both dishes, featuring spring onions, chashu pork, and menma (bamboo shoots). However, the tsukesoba has fewer spring onions, further reducing the sweetness.

Thicker Noodles for the Tsukesoba

The noodle texture in this dish is exceptional. Likewise, the noodle fold (how it's presented when served) is indicative of how much they paid attention to the noodles in this one.

The Last Slurp

Kadoya Shokudo is a must-visit whether you're a ramen enthusiast or simply enjoy great food. As a piece of Osaka ramen history, it's no surprise they've stayed relevant for so long.

Signboard at One of Osaka's Best Ramen Shops

Their upgraded classic ramen is a testament to this enduring appeal.


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