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Best Kamiyacho Ramen [Amber Shoyu] – Tenraiken

For Kamiyacho ramen, Tenraiken (天雷軒) is a cut above the rest. Their amber-colored shoyu ramen and rich shrimp ramen hit the spot like no other.

Kamiyacho Ramen Tenraiken - Outside

First of all, the Kamiyacho neighborhood of Tokyo isn’t exactly a ramen battleground. Office buildings and uninspiring big chain restaurants dot the landscape. So let’s say that ramen restaurant Tenraiken has an easier start. Despite this, Tenraiken is still a ramen gem in this business district.

Kamiyacho Ramen – Amber Shoyu

Kamiyacho Ramen Tenraiken - Shoyu Ramen

Their “kohaku” (amber) shoyu ramen indeed has an earthy, appetizing color to it. It’s simple and salty in flavor, with some gusto from burnt negi (spring onions) bits floating in the broth. These also add a smoky flavor.

Kamiyacho Ramen Tenraiken - Noodles
Thin Noodles

Shrimp Ramen…with Mayo?

This ramen goes in a completely different direction. It’s thick and rich shrimp ramen, with touches of spice here and there. The shrimp flavor in the broth is powerful. It’s reinforced with rock salt-like dried shrimp (found on the seaweed).

Kamiyacho Ramen Tenraiken - Shrimp Ramen
Shrimp Ramen with wasabi mayo

You can top up your bowl with an awesome wasabi mayonnaise (look right under the spoon in the photo). This unusual condiment turns it up a notch in richness. But the wasabi also serves the purpose of cutting through that wonderfully intense broth.

Thick Noodles

The noodles in this ramen are thicker – a good adjustment. Tenraiken also has miso ramen and Taiwan maze soba (soupless), which I have yet to try.

Tenraiken is currently celebrating their 10th anniversary (2020), which is no small feat in the ramen world!

Video on this shop below!


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