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Katsumoto: Classic Ramen, Tsukemen – Both Shops

Katsumoto (勝本) has legendary status in the Tokyo ramen world. They have 2 shops in Jimbocho / Kanda – one for tsukemen (dipping noodles), the other for ramen.

Katsumoto – Ramen Shop

Chukasoba Katsumoto (中華そば 勝本) specializes in chukasoba, or old-school, Tokyo style ramen. The ramen is classic without being boring.

Katsumoto Ramen
Chukasoba with Egg

It’s a simple yet delicious harmony of chicken and niboshi (dried fish) in a light soy sauce seasoning. Little bits of negi also sweeten the tangy broth. Black pepper is the recommended condiment and adding a bit stiffens the broth.

Softer, thin noodles

If you order the egg, you’ll find it’s perfectly runny and the chashu pork is a perfect balance between soft and not to chewy.

They have a solid shio ramen as well. Changes in this lighter ramen include spinach, the top half of the bamboo shoot (hoksai), and thicker noodles.

But the most unique addition is yellow morel mushroom confit. This is sitting pretty atop the rarer chashu pork shoulder.

In summary, a partly modern, delicious take on classic Tokyo ramen.

Closest Station: Suidobashi

Katsumoto – Tsukemen Shop

Less than 15 minutes away on foot is their tsukemen shop, Tsukesoba Kanda Katsumoto (つけそば 神田勝本). It’s one of the best bowls of tsukemen in Tokyo.

Tsukemen with all toppings

You uniquely get both thin and thick noodles, side by side. It’s a lot of fun to back and forth. The thin noodles are firm, dry and contain more water. While the thick noodles are softer, they still have nice springiness.

Unlike the heavier and thicker tsukemen broths out there, Katsumoto focuses on a lighter one. There’s a silkiness from the chicken base that more than helps the broth coat the noodles. There’s a delicate fish aftertaste too.

Like with their ramen, they utilize excellent pork chashu that melts in your mouth. In summary, a tsukemen that you won’t forget.

Closest Station: Jimbocho

Both ramen and tsukemen shops are amazing. If you have a hard time choosing between them, why not double up!


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