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Keyaki - Silky Smooth Miso Ramen

Keyaki (けやき すすきの本店) is an elite miso ramen shop in Susukino, Sapporo. Their miso ramen is as smooth as silk and includes plenty of vegetables.

Keyaki - Serving Miso Ramen Since 1999

Keyaki is practically a landmark in Sapporo, Hokkaido's largest city. They're smack in the middle of Sapporo's largest entertainment district, Susukino.

Despite the loud, neon drenched surroundings of Susukuno, Keyaki doesn't stay open late. Don't worry, they're still open for dinner.

Keyaki Miso Ramen Sapporo - Outside

Keyaki only serves miso ramen - a regular version and a spicy one. In other words, they do one thing (or two) and they make sure they do it right. For the regular miso ramen, you get to choose from a range of toppings.

It basically comes down to A) miso ramen with butter and corn OR B) miso ramen with plenty of vegetables - their signature. Pictured is the "signature". All the vegetables, including extra crunchy cabbage, are stir-fried in a giant wok with the soup.

Keyaki Miso Ramen Sapporo - Bowl

The soup itself is boiled for 10 hours on high heat. It's pork bones, whole chickens, pork lard and pork back fat. Given these bulkier ingredients and the cooking time, the soup is unmistakably rich. But it's also carefully balanced and smooth and gentle in flavor.

It's not like they're hiding the miso though - the miso flavors still command the ship. They use 3 types of miso and vegetables for the seasoning. Those vegetables heighten the overall gentle flavor.

Keyaki Miso Ramen Sapporo - Noodles

The square-shaped noodles are thick and wavy, which is often what you see in Sapporo. Bright yellow, they're made by noodle maker Sagamiya Seimen.


As mentioned, Keyaki's main location is in Susukino. But they also have a location in the domestic terminal at New Chitose Airport (which serves Sapporo City). It's on Hokkaido Ramen Street there (3rd floor of the airport).

The airport location doesn't have the quite the same charm as Susukino.

On another note, Keyaki has their own instant miso ramen, complete with that rich but gentle soup and a generous amount of vegetable toppings.

Keyaki Miso Ramen Sapporo - Instant Ramen


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