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Matador: Tokyo's Premier Beef Bone Ramen

Matador (牛骨らぁ麺マタドール) is most ramen critic’s choice for beef bone ramen (gyukotsu ramen) in Tokyo. In this less crowded ramen space, Matador has ensured they stand out.

Premier Beef Bone Ramen

There are only a handful of beef bone ramen shops, like Kamitoku in Ginza. Matador has been slinging theirs since 2011. Many feel they serve the best in this genre.

Matador Beef Bone Ramen - Closeup

At Matador, choose shoyu (soy sauce) or shio (salt) seasoning. Shoyu is most popular. As you would expect, the broth carries a bold beef flavor, brought out by the shoyu.

It’s also sweetly flavored and syrupy. I’m talking sweeter than say, beef pho or Taiwan beef noodle soup.

Matador Beef Bone Ramen - Helicopter View

The roast beef-like chashu are a big bonus. They share the space with little bits of shredded beef. Ultra thin slices of menma provide firmer texture and delicate noodles take in the broth and its beefy goodness.

Matador Beef Bone Ramen - Noodles

Little Shop with Big Heart

Matador only has a couple seats. So try and avoid peak lunch or dinner hours.

Matador Beef Bone Ramen - Interior

They’re located in Kita-Senju, a little ways up in Adachi City. If you’re a fan of beef, make the trek!

Matador Beef Bone Ramen - Exterior


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