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Mensho San Francisco – Green Tea Ramen?

Only at Mensho San Francisco (メンショー サン フランシスコ) in Shinjuku can you find bright green tea (matcha) chicken ramen. But this wacky ramen deliciously works!

Mensho San Francisco - Green Tea Matcha Ramen

Located in Shinjuku and open since July 2018, the shop is modeled after Mensho's popular San Francisco shop. The speciality is thick and creamy chicken ramen (tori paitan).

Mensho San Francisco - Rich Chicken Ramen

Let's first start with their go-to tori paitan. It's evolved over the years. The current version features a sweet tasting broth that's packed with chicken umami but doesn't feel too heavy.

Mensho San Francisco - Rich Chicken Ramen

Diced red onions, green negi (spring onions), and fried gobo also ensure it doesn't feel too heavy. Like at any Mensho ramen shop, the presentation is outstanding. It's like ramen fine dining.

Drum Roll...Green Tea Ramen

This is definitely one for Instagram. A dramatic bright green layer coats the top of the bowl, adding another layer of flavor to the same beautiful chicken-centered soup. But the matcha (green tea) they use isn't that bitter.

As crazy as this meeting sounds, it works! The cream in the middle counteracts the bitterness as well. In both of these chicken based ramen, the soup is not just chicken, but Japanese elements like kelp and fish flakes.

Mensho San Francisco - Green Noodles

There's a lot going on, but it's all so carefully balanced.

Wacky But Balanced

In summary, Mensho San Francisco serves some wacky bowls. But all the ingredients, including the green tea, serve a purpose.

Mensho San Francisco - Outside Shot

Go and see what all the fuss is about at Mensho San Francisco – possible in Shinjuku too! They’re located on the 7th floor of the My Lord shopping mall.

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