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Lamb Ramen that’s Life-Changing: Mensho Tokyo

Mensho Tokyo isn’t afraid to experiment. In their experimenting, they’ve created a masterpiece – life-changing lamb ramen!

Their lamb ramen and tsukemen (dipping ramen) are out of this world.

Mensho Tokyo - Lamb Ramen

The lamb flavoring perfectly complements the light and creamy shio (salt-seasoned) tonkotsu (pork bone) base. There’s a silkiness from the pork bones and a certain wildness from the lamb.

Mensho Tokyo - Lamb Ramen
All Toppings

Like Hakata style tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen, they use thin noodles. They’re firm from start to finish. Among toppings, the melt-in-your-mouth pork and lamb meat are ridiculously good.

Mensho Tokyo - Lamb Ramen Closeup

The kabosu citrus (middle) gives the soup an electric jolt of acidity. Note: Mensho Tokyo also serves a lamb ramen that isn’t shio tonkotsu (salt-seasoned / pork bone). It’s broth is shoyu niboshi (soy sauce-seasoned / dried fish).

Lamb Tsukemen

Their lamb tsukemen is just as impressive. Against the lamb ramen, the broth is thicker and heavier. Furthermore, it’s made sweeter from raw onions.

Mensho Tokyo - Lamb Tsukemen

You’ll almost feel like you’re eating a Middle Eastern dish. The distinct lamb flavor comes alive in the broth and is likely assisted by cumin and other spices.

Mensho Tokyo - Lamb Tsukemen Noodles

The tsukemen noodles are appropriately thicker. They use even tapioca flour, giving these noodles an extra springiness.

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Japan’s Finest Instant Ramen

Mensho Tokyo makes their noodles freshly in-house every day. They don’t put any additives into the noodles and also blend them with durum wheat (used in pasta).

If you have the appetite, you should order both the lamb ramen and tsukemen. Note: Instead of lamb, you can order tsukemen broth with niboshi (dried sardines) instead.

Seasonal Lamb-Infused Dishes

One of Mensho Tokyo’s seasonal items is a Taiwan Mazesoba (soupless ramen). The ingredients include peanuts, raw onions, nira, and a lot of coriander. It’s bursting with flavors.

Mensho Tokyo - Lamb Maze Soba

Another seasonal specialty is a lamb tantanmen (a spicy ramen style). It’s rich but without a pork bone base. This comes from sesame paste and soy milk instead.

Mensho Tokyo Notes

Mensho Tokyo put some time into the interior layout and design. There’s a dried sardine chandelier, for one. Another highlight is their see-through “lab”. This is where all the wonderful ramen experimenting takes place.

This is the fifth shop from the Mensho ramen group. If Mensho Tokyo were to have an IPO, I would buy shares! Make sure to visit and try as much lamb dishes as you can.

Mensho Tokyo - Interior

Enjoy the below video, where I meet up with YouTubers TabiEats, feasting on this lamb ramen.


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