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Menya Kisso - Ramen King of Kiba

Menya Kisso (麺屋吉左右) in Kiba is one of my all time favorite Tokyo ramen shops. They serve one of the finest examples "MIX" style ramen.

Only Open For Lunch

Menya Kisso (Ramen Kissō on Google) is popular, to say the least. It pays to arrive early. There's always a big line outside.

Menya Kisso in Kiba - Outside Line

Another reason for this big line is that they're only open every other day. Furthermore, they're only open for lunch.

Menya Kisso - Ramen or Tsukemen

Menya Kisso serves both ramen and tsukemen (dipping ramen). Their ticket machine is easy to understand - ramen on the left and tsukemen on the right.

I mentioned their ramen as "MIX" style. This mix involves combining two soups. One is usually pork and/or chicken bones. The second soup is usually fish based.

Menya Kisso in Kiba - Ramen Closeup
Ramen with Egg

I love their mix. Kisso's piping hot ramen soup will warm your soul. The soup is creamier than other mix style bowls. The fish flavors are there but they're "second fiddle" and not as present. ⁠

Menya Kisso in Kiba - Ramen Uptop

For toppings, there's quality menma (bamboo shoots), chashu pork, white negi (spring onions), seaweed, and a soft-boiled egg. ⁠

Menya Kisso in Kiba - Ramen Noodles

The noodles are thick and slippery against the backdrop of that that rich soup. They make the noodles in-house. They remain properly firm until the end of your meal⁠.

Other Notes

Menya Kisso is run by a couple known for their wonderful customer service. This level of service is something you see at other ramen shops serving the same style (e.g. Kokaibo).

Menya Kisso has consistently been named one of Tokyo's top ramen shops. Since 2017, they've been on Tabelog's Top 100 Tokyo ramen list.

You'll find them near Kiba station in East Tokyo (Koto City).


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