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Fantastic Nerima Ramen – Ramen Gottsu

Near Nerima station, Ramen GOTTSU has bagged plenty of awards. They’re a must visit, as their silky rich ramen is addictively delicious.

Top Nerima Ramen Shop

Ramen GOTTSU is closest to Nerima station (Nerima City, Northwest Tokyo). They’re one of the most famous (if not the most famous) ramen restaurants in the “MIX” category. “MIX” style ramen is all about a rich soup against a backdrop of fish flavors.

Nerima Ramen – Ramen Gottsu Uptop
Ramen with Egg

In GOTTSU’s signature ramen, there’s no chemical seasoning. The soup is pork back bones, chicken bones, kelp, niboshi (sardines), and several types of dried fish. This is all boiled together for more than 6 hours.

Nerima Ramen – Ramen Gottsu Noodles
Noodles from Mikawaya Seimen

Flavor-wise, it does have a rich flavor from the long cook time. But there’s also saltiness from the Shimane prefecture shoyu (soy sauce). In addition, among the deliberately strong fish notes, the katsuo (bonito) stands out. Lastly, the yuzu citrus and spicy minced pork paste are worthy flavor-changing sidekicks.

Dipping Ramen and more

Ramen GOTTSU has a number of choices. On the top row (red) of the ticket machine you’ll find their signature ramen. The 2nd row (blue) is tsukemen, or dipping ramen. The 3rd row houses both a niboshi (fishier) ramen (black), and a soupless ramen (brown).

In the tsukemen, the noodles are thicker. Instead of the clump of yuzu citrus, you get a big slice of lemon. The acidity from it light ups the intense broth. Just like in the ramen, the tree trunk-sized menma (bamboo shoots) will grab your attention among toppings.

Nerima Ramen – Ramen Gottsu Tsukemen
Tsukemen with Egg

The owner at Ramen GOTTSU got his start at top-notch ramen restaurant Watanabe in Tokyo’s Takadanobaba neighborhood. GOTTSU’s ramen does remind of Watanabe but also of Hayashi in Shibuya (scroll down to no. 4 on the list).

Do be careful, as the soup here is cauldron hot! Regardless of your ramen choice, GOTTSU will satisfy like no other. They might just be the best Nerima ramen restaurant.


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