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Menya Kokoro - Creamy Taiwan Maze Soba

One of the best in Tokyo for Taiwan Maze Soba is Menya Kokoro (麺屋こころ). With several branches around the world serving it, their version the perfect introduction to this soupless ramen.

Menya Kokoro and Taiwan Maze Soba

Taiwan Maze Soba is a mixed, soupless ramen that was actually invented in Nagoya in the 70s – not Taiwan. There are 2 general styles. One is garlic-heavy and fattier (“strong”). The other is milder (“mild”).

Menya Kokoro - Taiwan Maze Soba
All Toppings Maze Soba

Kokoro’s maze soba falls under the “mild” category. But it’s bursting with flavors and textures. Crunchy negi, nira, and bamboo shoots accompany seaweed, a big egg yolk, fish powder, a rich soy sauce, and both minced pork and pork cubes.

Menya Kokoro - Taiwan Maze Soba Closeup

When you order at Kokoro, the staff will ask if you want garlic. You’d think adding garlic would tip the scale to the “strong” style. Yet the overall flavor is still “mild”.

Menya Kokoro - Super Thick Noodles
Signature thick, wide noodles

Normally, it’s the minced pork that can get quite spicy. But at Kokoro, this is not the case. Instead it’s the egg yolk and its creaminess that commands the bowl.

Menya Kokoro’s Mini Empire

Menya Kokoro has 15 branches in Japan and many outside of Japan, including in Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines.

Menya Kokoro - Tiny Interior

If you have the time, I would recommend visiting their flagship branch in residential Ookayama. It’s worth the trek.

Menya Kokoro - Exterior

Flagship (Ookyama):



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