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Miharu – Tokyo Abura Soba loved by locals

Ramen shop Miharu every day painstakingly prepares a Tokyo abura soba loved by locals. Reasonably priced at ¥830, Miharu’s abura soba is chock-full of onions and meant to be eaten with Tabasco sauce.

Miharu - Tokyo Abura Soba loved by locals 1

Abura Soba is essentially soupless ramen. For an intro on abura soba and info on a famous Tokyo chain, CLICK HERE!

Miharu’s Abura Soba

Their abura soba has a strong fishy taste, punctuated by the mountain of shaved bonito flakes. They also toss in an insane amount of crunchy white and green onions. If you’re not eating some onions with every bite, you’ll be left with a lot of onion real estate at the end. Just don’t schedule any date or high-level business meeting for after. 

Miharu - Tokyo Abura Soba loved by locals 2

​Note that abura soba is not served piping hot. Miharu’s abura soba is no different. The chashu pork are almost cool in temperature, creating a refreshing effect. 

Miharu - Tokyo Abura Soba loved by locals 3

Now for the foundation of their abura soba – the oil / tare. Their oil / tare is sweeter than most abura soba (after you properly mix the noodles). In between bites it’s periodically spicy. If you want to crank up the spice, there’s Tabasco sauce on the counter, which Miharu recommends using. There’s even a garlic Tabasco sauce. Important to note – Miharu doesn’t use any chemicals in their food. 

Miharu - Tokyo Abura Soba loved by locals 4

Miharu’s Tokyo abura soba is again, only ¥830. Extra noodles are ¥150 but most should be ok with the standard noodle amount. 

Miharu’s Ramen

In addition, Miharu has ramen, also starting at ¥830. With egg it’s ¥930 and with extra chashu ¥1,130. Both the egg and extra chasu ramen is ¥1,230.

​Similar to the abura soba, it has a particular salty fish flavor. But it’s also quite creamy, likely brought out by a blend of pork and chicken bones. 

Another selling point – the ramen has huge menma and super soft chashu. The noodles are medium-thick. Miharu’s ramen is good but their abura soba is better. 

They also serve tsukemen (spicy or not spicy), with the same pricing pattern as the ramen. 

Miharu - Tokyo Abura Soba loved by locals 6

Instagram worthy

A little shop, Miharu seems to like Jack Johnson as BGM. It’s random but this relaxing music removes some the urgency to finish your ramen quickly. 

Miharu - Tokyo Abura Soba loved by locals 5

If you want to enjoy proper Tokyo abura soba like a local, stop by Miharu.

Train Station: Ebisu (JR Yamanote, Saikyo Lines & Metro Hibiya Line)


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