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Mitsufuji: Michelin Guide Ramen in Jiyugaoka

For ramen in Jiyugaoka, Chukasoba Mitsufuji is a gem. Featured in Michelin’s Bib Gourmand Guide, their ramen spectacularly features ingredients from all corners of Japan.

Delicate Shoyu Ramen

Their trademark shoyu ramen is elegant-looking, with a delicate flavor to match.

Mitsufuji Ramen in Jiyugaoka - Shoyu

The Yamaroku (Kagawa area) shoyu modestly imparts a sweetness to the broth. But there’s just enough fattiness from the Daisen chicken to make that broth stick to your lips.

Eggs from Chiba (free range chickens)

Furthermore, the broth includes high-quality Rashu (Hokkaido) kelp, which adds to the umami.

Lighter Shio Ramen

In the shio ramen, they maintain the theme of using ingredients from all over Japan. The sea salt is from down south – Tsushima, Nagasaki.

Mitsufuji Ramen in Jiyugaoka - Shio

The lighter shio base allows you to appreciate the flavored layers a bit more. In either of the ramen, flat noodles made from Iwate wheat gently soak up the broth.

Mitsufuji Ramen in Jiyugaoka - Noodles

Flavor Bomb – Spicy Miso Ramen

To complete the ramen trifecta, they offer a spicy miso ramen. This unique ramen packs a stronger flavor punch.

Mitsufuji Ramen in Jiyugaoka - Miso

Kyoto white miso, homemade raiyu chili oil and gold sesame meet the chicken-based broth. The taste is both sweet and creamy. Also, there’s a crisp freshness from bok choy and okra toppings.

My personal favorite is the shoyu ramen. To conclude, for ramen in Jiyugaoka, Mitsufuji will more than impress!


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