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Nippon Ramen Rin Inside Tokyo Station ⁠ ⁠

Nippon Ramen Rin Tokyo is conveniently located inside Tokyo station. If you're craving tasty ramen before hopping on the shinkansen, consider them!

Nippon Ramen Rin Tokyo

Tokyo station is a city within a city. There's a countless number of restaurants. Among ramen choices, Rin (Nippon Ramen 凛 ~RIN~ Tokyo) prominently stands out.

They're part of the Gransta shopping area, which is actually inside Tokyo station (inside the ticket wickets). This is the Yaesu side of the station and closest to the Yaesu Central exit, basement level.

Lastly, Rin is produced by Japanese Ramen Noodle Lab Q⁠, one of Japan's most famous ramen restaurants. Quality is expected and quality is what you get at Rin.

Order the Shoyu

From the menu, the shoyu (soy sauce) ramen is most popular. They use 5 varieties of pure, unpasteurized shoyu for the seasoning. The soup is 3 varieties of chicken and pork. One is a free range chicken breed from Hokkaido.

The soup is sweet and slightly sour from the multiple types of shoyu. But it's the beautiful whole chicken flavors that carry the bowl.

The toppings are nicely presented and laid out - green negi (spring onions), a sheet of seaweed, and a perfectly circular slice of pork. ⁠

The delicate noodles are thin relatively soft. They're made by noodle maker Kokoro no aji Shokuhin (run by the Tomita group).

Are there any drawbacks here? Some may claim the ramen feels a bit "manufactured". This is understandable, given the arrangement and convenient location. But there's no denying that Rin's ramen is well executed and tasty as a result.

Outside of Tokyo Ramen Street, they're the best for ramen inside Tokyo station!


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