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AMAZING Ochanomizu Ramen - Daishi

For Ochanomizu area ramen, Ramen Daishi (ラーメン大至) is a MUST. I’ve eaten thousands of bowls of ramen and this was the first time I’ve come close to crying. This Tokyo ramen shop is that good.


Let’s set the scene. Ramen Daishi is all about making people feel like they’ve stepped back in time.

Ochanomizu Ramen Daishi - Ticket Machine

Dispensing plastic tickets (not common nowadays), the ticket machine is a perfect representation of this. This is Tokyo, but a Tokyo from decades ago.

Ochanomizu Ramen Daishi - Tickets
Ramen + Mini Kimchi

This nostalgia factor leads to salarymen flocking here at lunch. But in the evening, Ramen Daishi doesn’t get too busy.

Best Ochanomizu Ramen at Daishi?

Ramen Daishi’s house special is their shoyu (soy sauce based) ramen. Looks-wise, they’re going for classic simplicity. But the soup is deliciously modern. For 10 hours they boil whole chickens, scallops, bonito fish flakes, and other ingredients.

Ochanomizu Ramen Daishi - Ramen

Backstage, there are hints of fish. But it’s the chicken in the soup that takes center stage. This chicken flavor is as bright as the heavens. I’m on the verge of crying at this point. The classic-looking toppings include narturo (fish cake), hard-boiled egg, menma (bamboo shoots), negi (spring onions) and seaweed.

The chashu pork slices look classic. But they’re soft and fatty. The medium-thick, straight noodles are made by the famous Asakusa Kaikaro group. What a bowl.

Instant Ramen Inspired Shio?

They also have a ramen that’s a tribute to Sapporo Ichiban’s instant Shio (Salt) Ramen⁠. It’s insane how close in flavor the soup is. ⁠

Shio Ramen

I have fond childhood memories of my mom preparing Sapporo Ichiban at home. While Sapporo Ichiban is most famous for their instant MISO ramen, their shio was my favorite. ⁠I was flooded with emotions when eating this bowl.

It’s an appetizingly salty broth with pockets of sesame oil. With the toppings it definitely looks like something prepared at home VS a ramen shop. You have cabbage, carrots, shrimp, mushrooms, and takenoko (bamboo shoot).⁠

The wavier noodles include yamaimo (Japanese mountain yam) and have a crumble-like texture. Amazing.

Ramen Tears of Joy

Words can’t describe how much I love this place. Nostalgic and exciting Ochanomizu ramen (Ochanomizu is the closest station).

Waiting seats for when its busy


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