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Oni Soba Fujiya Premium - Tokyo Lobster Ramen

For Tokyo lobster ramen, Oni Soba Fujiya Premium (鬼そば 藤谷 Premium) in Shibuya has got you covered! Their rich lobster miso ramen hits the spot, as does their milky crab ramen.

Lobster Ramen with Miso

It’s no surprise that their lobster ramen soup is thick and rich. But it’s also well-balanced, with a lovely red miso undertone. This red miso is from Fukui, made by the Komego, who have been making miso for over 400 years.

Oni Soba Fujiya Premium - Tokyo Lobster Ramen

It's not just the soup - there's plenty of lobster meat toppings too.

The owner, Fujiya-san, will often tweak things. The limited time bowl below has uni (sea urchin), magnifying the luxury that's already there from the lobster.

Oni Soba Fujiya Premium - Tokyo Lobster Ramen with Uni

The below video is about the lobster ramen with high-grade wagyu toppings.

Milky Crab Ramen

Release the Kraken. Oni Soba Fujiya Premium's lip-smacking crab ramen is equally fun. They only serve 20 bowls a day – so go early if you can.

They blowtorch the crab and this allows the aromas to come out accordingly. It also creates wonderful crab meat toppings. The soup in this one is a bit more salty than the lobster soup. Besides this, it has a milkier taste.

Oni Soba Fujiya Premium - Crab Ramen

Oni Soba Fujiya - Two Floors of Ramen

Oni Soba Fujiya Premium is on the 3rd floor of “Shibuya Building”, right in the middle of Center Gai. This building is 6 floors of ramen shops!

The Other Floor - Shio Ramen

On the 5th floor of the same building is Oni Soba Fujiya (鬼そば 藤谷). It too is operated by Fujiya-san. Even though the word "Premium" is removed, the ramen here is just as fantastic. It's completely different though - a light and complex shio (salt) ramen.

Oni Soba Fujiya Premium - Shio Ramen
Shio Ramen

There's a spicy version of it too.For more about this 5th floor ramen shop and Shibuya’s 10 BEST Ramen Shops, CLICK HERE.

Oni Soba Fujiya Premium - Spicy Shio Ramen
Spicy Shio Ramen

In summary, the 3rd floor serves amazing lobster or crab ramen. The 5th floor is all about dynamic shio ramen. There’s no reason for you to leave Shibuya with these ramen options…or even leave the building!

Tokyo lobster ramen or otherwise, they got you!


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