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Lobster Bisque Ramen at Ebimaru in Jimbocho

Ebimaru (海老丸らーめん) in Jimbocho serves French cuisine-inspired lobster bisque ramen. Despite the lavishness of lobster, everything on the menu is affordable!

Ebimaru - Lobster Bisque Ramen

The owner at Ebimaru, Masa-san, worked as French cuisine chef for many years. This effect is dramatically and deliciously noticeable in their signature lobster ramen.

Lobster Bisque Ramen Ebimaru - Closeup
Ebimaru Ramen

Just like lobster bisque, it’s thick and hearty. But the sour cream atop the baguette adds a creaminess towards the end. There’s also a shrimp chili oil condiment that adds sweetly flavored heat to the bowl. An ingenious addition.

Beautiful Tapestry

The broth is Canadian lobster, whole chicken and chicken momiji (feet), brandy, vegetables, herbs, spices – all cooked for 15 hours. Topping highlights include amazing sous vide pork (from Spain), a clump of fresh spinach, a cherry tomato for a pinch of acidity, and a sprinkling of red onions for crunch.

Lobster Carbonara Ramen

Ebimaru has other lobster ramen options, including a Carbonara version. It has that same rich lobster flavor, but is even creamier. In addition, it has chunks of seared ham in place of the pork chashu.

Lobster Bisque Ramen Ebimaru - Carbonara
Ebimaru Carbonara

In line with Carbonara, there’s even a thin strip of bacon on the bread. All of this will remind you more of a pasta dish when you’re eating it.

Lobster Bisque Ramen Ebimaru - Thick Noodles

The 100% Japanese wheat noodles are thick and fettuccine-like and work well to mop up the thick lobster-laden broth.

Lobster Bisque Ramen Ebimaru - Outside

Ebimaru has no doubt pushed the boundaries of modern ramen. Everything is executed with an acute precision you’d find in French cuisine. But there’s still of course a deliciously Japanese quality to the lobster ramen.


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