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Ore no Ikiru Michi - Jiro Style Ramen in Tsukuba

Ore no Ikiru Michi (俺の生きる道) serves Jiro style ramen in Tsukuba. This means a fatty, garlicky broth with super firm noodles. You’ll end up at least 2 kilos heavier 🙂.

Ore no Ikiru Michi - Outside
Tsukuba Branch

The company has several branches around the Tokyo metropolitan area, including in Kashiwa, Chiba and Hakusan, Tokyo. We're zooming in on the Tsukuba branch below.

Ore no Ikiru Michi - Love of Jiro

One thing is for certain – with Jiro style ramen, you do need to be hungry. This is also the case at Ore no Ikiru Michi.

Ore no Ikiru Michi - Jiro Ramen
Jiro Ramen with Soup

A soy sauce based broth is brimming with pork back fat and an absurd about of garlic. In addition, there are massive slabs of chashu pork.

Ore no Ikiru Michi - Super Thick Noodles

Bean sprouts and cabbage round out the bowl, as do thick and firm noodles made from bread flour. Bear in mind that the bowl you see here is the smaller version!

Ore no Ikiru Michi - Chashu Pork
Massive Chashu Pork

I personally never ate that much Jiro ramen growing up – only every so often. But as I’ve gotten older, I appreciate it more.

Soupless Style

Just as deliciously messy as the above ramen, the soupless version flavor is a bit more concentrated. While it’s a thicker oil they use, if you’re worried about the calorie count, this one is for you.

Jiro Ramen, Soupless

While not exactly reinventing the wheel, Ore no Ikiru Michi has you covered for Jiro style ramen in Tsukuba.

Tsukuba Branch

Hakusan (Tokyo Branch)


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