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Ore no Sora: Fun, Rich Ramen in Takadanobaba

Ore no Sora (俺の空) is one of the most popular ramen shops in Tokyo’s ramen-heavy Takadanobaba neighborhood. Their rich and thick ramen is sure to satisfy!

Right next to Takadanobaba Station

Ore no Sora is Special

Ore no Sora has a few branches. But the one closest to Takadanobaba station is the most famous. Consider it hallowed ground. They serve three types of ramen:

  1. Ramen

  2. Tsukemen (Dipping Ramen)

  3. Aemen (Soupless Ramen)

Simply match up the above numbers on the ticket machine:

First-time visitors should order the ramen. It’s pork bone rich and thick. But there’s a powerful punch coming from fish elements. While the soup has multiple types of dried fish, the katsuo (bonito) flavor stands out most.

Ore no Sora - Ramen
Ramen with all Toppings

In a way, it’s an aggressive bowl with this creaminess and fishiness. But it still manages a mellow tone. The toppings are equally satisfying.

Thin noodles

You have everything from delicious seasoned minced chicken to onions and spring onions that offer refreshing spurts of sweetness.

Soupless Ramen (Aemen)

We’re jumping ahead to their soupless ramen (no. 3 on the ticket machine). This one calls for thicker, flatter noodles. However, you get the same powerful flashes of bonito fish flavor, alongside a certain pork greasiness.

To help cut through these concentrated flavors, the dish comes with a lemon and raw egg on the side. In particular, the lemons goes perfectly with it, changing the flavor like a trusty citrusy sidekick.

Altogether, Ore no Sora and their three ramen are sure to please. For an awesome, similar style bowl in Nerima, Tokyo, click here: Ramen Gottsu


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