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Otsuka Ramen Shop: Nii, Modern and Swanky

To the Otsuka ramen scene, Nii is a brand new arrival. Their modern ramen dishes are as tasty as their restaurant is comfortable. Nii is run by the same group behind tsukemen shop Takemoto.

Ginger Shoyu Ramen

Their hot item is a shoyu ramen infused with ginger from Kochi prefecture. There’s a little mound of grated ginger too. It has a hint of fish and like Nagaoka style ramen, there’s some pork back fat hovering on top.

Otsuka Ramen - Nii Ginger Shoyu Ramen

But it’s still a light bowl and that ginger and kaiware sprouts make you feel healthy and revitalized.

Madai + Nodoguro Ramen

Their no. 2 on the menu is a splendid sidekick. They deliciously blend madai (sea bream) from Uwajima with nodguro (blackthroat seaperch).

Pepper corns reinforce the already peppery shoyu seasoning. The noodles in this one are more translucent and really grab the broth. Lastly, they use steam convection for the pork chashu and then grill them.

Swanky Interior

Nii is clean and comfortable on the inside. This is what a modern ramen shop looks like.

Otsuka Ramen - Nii Inside

At the end of the video below, I give a shout out to Nii!

In summary, Nii is a welcome, high-level addition to the Otsuka ramen scene.

Otsuka Ramen - Nii Outside


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