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Ramen Break Beats - Magnificence in Yutenji

Ramen Break Beats has gotten a crazy amount of buzz since opening. This is more than warranted, as this Tokyo ramen shop is off the hook!

Ramen Break Beats - DJ Powered

Break Beats is the brainchild of DJ Yanase, who's a big fan of hip hop...and ramen. He lived in Toronto for several years, working within the culinary world there (French and Japanese cuisine).

What started out as a simple hobby in Toronto eventually became a full-blown ramen obsession.

Ramen Break Beats - Signboard

This culminated in the opening of Ramen Break Beats in Tokyo. DJ Yanase chose Yutenji in Meguro City as the site for this new ramen shop. Inside, his two passions are on full display - music and ramen.

Ramen Break Beats - Countertop

Customers are greeted by a bumping bass and delicious, pristine ramen.

Polished Shoyu Ramen

There are indeed many Tokyo ramen shops serving refined shoyu (soy sauce) ramen with chicken as the soup's centerpiece. But Break Beats does it like no other. In his version, the shoyu seasoning is bold and slightly sour. He uses five types of shoyu, including Kitai from Fukuoka.

Ramen Break Beats - Shoyu Ramen Uptop
Shoyu Ramen with All Toppings (Tokujo)

This five shoyu blend introduces a soup that's Amakusa Daio chickens (Kumamoto area) and Raus kelp. The powerful yet carefully polished chicken flavors are reinforced by chicken oil. The end result is a lip-smacking, crystal clear consommé soup.

Furthermore, he constantly adds new soup to the same pot ("yobimodoshi" technique).

Ramen Break Beats - Shoyu Ramen Closeup
No Chemical Seasoning used

On par with the high-quality soup, the toppings are outstanding. Ordering "tokujo" (all toppings) is well worth it. There's green negi (spring onions), fried enoki mushrooms, silky pork dumplings, seaweed from Ise Bay, and an egg - the Maximum Koitamago brand.

The three cuts of meat steal the show though. These cuts are broiled duck, chicken breast marinated in olive oil, and low temperature cooked Seseragi pork. Half the pork cooks in the ramen soup, providing two flavor profiles.

Ramen Break Beats - Shoyu Ramen Noodles

The thin noodles are made by Mikawaya Seimen, one of Tokyo's top noodle makers.

Ramen Wrap-up

In summary, it's understandable why Ramen Break Beats has been making huge waves in Tokyo. DJ Yanase has clearly dedicated so much to his ramen.

Ramen Break Beats - Outside

Inside, there are only a few seats. But this makes for a more intimate experience, which is only heightened by the great music.

It's important to note that they recently introduced a "sign up" system. That is, visit in the morning after 9:45 am and write your name down for a reservation later in the day. Check Twitter for the latest info!

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