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Perfect Sakura Shinmachi Ramen: Sato

For Sakura Shinmachi ramen, my top pick is Menyokoro Sato (麺処 さとう). Their ramen is beautifully balanced. It’s one of my absolute favorites in Southern Tokyo.

Beautiful Shoyu Ramen

Their shoyu (soy sauce) ramen will knock your socks off. It’s sweet and salty, with a lovely tangy aftertaste clinging to your tongue.

The soup is chicken and fish based, with a seasoning made up of several types of shoyu, scallops and shiitake mushrooms. Furthermore, they use an aroma oil that is onions, ginger, garlic and apples. The chickens are sourced from Tsukuba, Hinai, and Hakata.

Sakura Shinmachi Ramen Sato - Shoyu Noodles
Thin noodles

I love the sweet flavor (but not too sweet) of the broth. It reminds me of Ishin in Meguro or Uemachi in Osaka. For toppings, the menma (bamboo shoots) are extra crunchy. They marinate the soft-boiled egg in the fish-powered seasoning and white wine.

Buttery Tsukemen

The thicker tsukemen (dipping ramen) broth has a more silky, buttery flavor. In addition, the hint of fish is stronger here than in the ramen (but still subtle.)

The thick tsukemen noodles are both pretty and tasty. Just like in the ramen, there’s an amazing slice of slow-cooked pork shoulder chashu. If you decide to oder all toppings, you’ll also get pork belly that’s been grilled and seasoned with honey and koikuchi soy sauce.

Simpler Times (2019)

Again, this is one of my favorite ramen shops in Tokyo, not just among Sakura Shinmachi ramen shops. Sakura Shinmachi station is on Tokyo’s Denentoshi Line.


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