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Seijo Seika - Michelin Shio Ramen

Sejo Seika may have the most affordable ramen from Michelin’s Bib Gourmand Guide for Tokyo. But they don’t skimp on quality. Their shio (salt-seasoned) ramen is a carefully crafted delight.

Seijo Seika – Location

Ramen restaurant Chukasoba Seijo Seika (中華そば 成城青果) is closest to Roka-koen station in Southwest Tokyo.

Seijo Seika Ramen - Outside

This is a quiet part of Tokyo’s Setagaya ward, which is home to many residential neighborhoods.

Michelin Praised Shio Ramen

Seijo Seika opened in June 2020 to great fanfare. Right off the bat they bagged a bronze medal in Tokyo Ramen of the Year’s shio ramen category. This award from the ramen magazine is prestigious, to say the least.

Seijo Seika Ramen - Close

In 2021, Michelin added Seijo Seika to their own recommended ramen list (Michelin Bib Gourmand Guide). All of this hype is well-deserved. They serve a remarkable bowl. ⁠

Contrasting with its its minimalist appearance, the signature shio (salt-seasoned) ramen is packed with polished flavors. ⁠

The salt seasoning and aroma oil are how I personally like them – more saline and hefty. In particular, the aroma oil is their secret weapon. It gives the otherwise delicate soup some extra bounce and weight. The soup itself is only kelp and fish – both niboshi (dried fish) and fushi (fish flakes).

The owner serves this soup scalding hot (90 degrees Celsius)! Furthermore, he individually heats each bowl before serving. That’s dedication.

Seijo Seika Ramen - Noodles

Lastly, noodle producer Tamura Shouten makes the thin, chewy noodles. They’re top-notch as well. ⁠

On a random note, the owner was previously in the yakiton business. Yakiton is like grilled chicken yakitori, but with pork. The ramen world is more than happy that he switched to ramen. ⁠

Super Affordable

⁠The shio ramen starts at only ¥650. This is less than $6! Hit the top left ticket machine to order it. I added an egg for ¥100 (third row, second column button).

They also serve a shoyu (soy sauce-seasoned) ramen. The shio ramen is the flag bearer. But I’m sure the shoyu ramen is equally tasty.

Seijo Seika’s elegant bowls match the elegant interior. In summary, it doesn’t get better than this, especially considering the price point!


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