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Shiokan - Real Hokkaido Style Ramen in Ebisu

Shiokan (函館らーめん しお貫) is a favorite for ramen in Ebisu - authentic Hokkaido style ramen too.

They are the very definition of ramen: taking something simple and making it delicious.

Sweet Shio Ramen

As their full name "Hakodate Ramen Shiokan" suggests, the best seller is Hakodate shio ramen. This bowl of salt-seasoned ramen starts at only ¥670!

Shiokan Ramen Ebisu - Thin Noodles
Thin, straight noodles

They don’t use any fancy sea salt for seasoning – it’s just plain old cooking salt. But this is a tasty shio ramen, thanks to some kitchen cooking magic.

Shiokan Ramen Ebisu - Shio Ramen
Shio Ramen with all toppings

The broth on the sweet side and so are the menma (bamboo shoots) and sliced pork toppings. I imagine they’re using more sugar. If order “tokusei” with all toppings, you’ll love the juicy shrimp dumplings.

Red Miso Ramen

Their (red) miso ramen might be my favorite. It’s not a thick or supremely nutty miso ramen. But the red miso flavor does prominently stand out, with a gentle hint of spiciness.

Shiokan Ramen Ebisu - Red Miso Ramen
Red Miso Ramen with Egg

The noodles are fittingly thicker in this one.

White Miso Ramen

Every so often Shiokan does a white miso ramen for a limited time. Contrasting with the red miso ramen, it has a sharper and sweeter flavor. It’s still not as sweet though as the shio ramen. It’s easy to eat – a pleasant and clean tasting bowl.

Shiokan Ramen Ebisu - White Miso Ramen
White Miso Ramen

If you visit Shiokan, watch the staff move about. You'll see some of the most impressive ramen shop multi-tasking ever.

Shiokan is about a 15 min. walk from Ebisu station and they’re also open until 4 am from Monday to Saturday! They're a great option for Hokkaido style ramen in Ebisu.

If you’re in the Ginza area, here’s a shop that also specializes in Hokkaido style ramen: LINK


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