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Suzukiya Ramen - Deep in Yokohama

Suzukiya is one of my favorite ramen spots in Yokohama. Although located deep in Kamihoshikawa, they're totally worth visiting. ⁠

Suzukiya⁠ - Best Ie-Kei Ramen?

Yokohama, Kanagawa, is Japan's second largest city after Tokyo. As one would expect, the big city is full of fantastic ramen shops. But in Yokohama, one ramen style rules them all. This style would be "Ie-kei", or "house style" ramen.

Suzukiya does one ramen style

Think of the style as part creamy tonkotsu (pork bone) and part salty shoyu (soy sauce). Ramen shop Suzukiya has perfected it.

Their version is so well-balanced in terms of the tonkotsu and shoyu.⁠ While still being tangy and quite salty, the shoyu is not as jarring as it can be in other bowls.

⁠Furthermore, they use more chiyu (chicken oil) than other bowls, really laying it on thick. Maybe this little syrupy adjustment is what hooks me and everyone else.

All the other markings of Ie-kei ramen are present. For toppings, there's spinach, a big slab of pork, black sail seaweed sheets, and an egg if you decide to add it. Thick, springy noodles complete the experience.

Yokohama's Finest

Suzuki-ya has been around since the 90s. Expect a line, as they're massively popular.

If you're not able to make it their flagship shop in Kamihoshikawa, they have a more centrally located Yokohama shop too.

Flagship (Kamihoshikawa) Shop

Akebonocho (Central) Shop


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