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Tantan Medaka - Ramen And Gundam

Gundam and Ramen? Why not? Medaka Tantan (めだかタンタン) in West Tokyo (Higashi-Nakagami station) is known for its spicy ramen and love of Gundam.

Tantan Medaka - Gundam Helmet

Medaka Tantan is actually one of the highest rated ramen shops in all of Tokyo. But they understandably stand out most in Higashi-Nakagami, where they’re located in West Tokyo.

Medaka Tantan Specialists

Medaka is all about tantanmen (a spicy version of ramen). They serve soupless tantanmen and tantanmen with soup.

Tantan Medaka - Tantanmen with Soup

Both are well-balanced, if not more on the milder side. They're creamy from sesame and soy milk, but packed with just the right amount of heat via chili oil. That chili oil spice hits you later, hitting your throat and eventually spreading throughout your mouth.

They have a herbal aroma and flavor, with crunchy helpers like bean sprouts, onions and kaiware sprouts. In the soupless version, the minced pork ball in the middle is sweet and extra spicy, with a Sriracha-like sauce.

Tantan Medaka - Noodles

Fun, Gundam Packed Atmosphere

Medaka Tantan has counter seats on the 1st floor, Japanese style low tables on the 2nd floor. On the 2nd floor, you’ll find plenty of Gundam figurines and posters.

Tantan Medaka - 2nd Floor
2nd Floor

Besides tantanmen, it’s clear where the owner’s passion is. But their tantanmen isn't an afterthought. It's landed them on Tabelog's Top 100 Tokyo ramen shops list before.

All in all, Medaka Tantanmen is a lot of fun. It is a bit far from central Tokyo. But if you find yourself near Higashi-Nakagami station, you know where to grab ramen.

Tantan Medaka - Outside


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