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Tokyo's Best Clam Ramen? CLAM & BONITO 貝節麺 raik

Is this Tokyo's best clam ramen? Many believe so. At the very least, CLAM & BONITO 貝節麺 (Kaibushimen) raik serves incredible clam ramen. I'm a big fan.

Tokyo's Best Clam Ramen? Many believe so.

CLAM & BONITO 貝節麺 - Some Info

CLAM & BONITO 貝節麺 is in Tokyo's Suginami City (West of Shinjuku and Shibuya). The closest station is Honancho. This shellfish-centered ramen shop is the second from the BSNR ramen group.

CLAM & BONITO 貝節麺 raik - Outside

This second shop is among Tokyo's top ranked. When it comes to clam ramen in Tokyo, they're routinely mentioned alongside greats like Kohaku and Michelin starred Soba House Konjiki Hototogisu.

Tokyo's Best Clam Ramen?

Although there are several Tokyo clam ramen shops in contention (above), there's no doubt that CLAM & BONITO 貝節麺 is one of the best. They might be even be THE BEST. Between the shoyu (soy sauce) and shio (salt) seasoned bowls, shio is the one to get.

Shio Clam Ramen - Uptop View

The softer shio seasoning really allows the sea flavors to shine in the soup. These flavors come from katsuo (bonito fish) and shijimi and asari clams.

Each time they prepare the soup they go through 40-50 kg of clams! All together, it's magnificent.

On top of the soup is clam paste and seaweed, which strengthen the briny foundation, but in a beautifully gentle way. The red raw onions are a nice contrast, as are the pieces of komatsuna (Japanese spinach).

Ramen Noodles made with Rye Flour

The pork and chicken chashu slices are great as well. Lastly, noodle company Kanno Seimenjo makes the thin, springy noodles with rye flour.

In summary, this ramen shop should be on your list. That is, if you're ok with clams and fish!


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