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Toybox - First Class Chicken Ramen

Ramenya Toybox (ラーメン屋 トイ・ボックス) and their chicken ramen rule the roost. Located in Minowa, Toybox one of Tokyo's top rated ramen shops.

Toybox Ramen - Outside

Toybox - Minowa Ramen Royalty

Toybox’s 100% chicken ramen is made up of FOUR top-shelf chicken breeds – Kawamata shamo, Hinai, Nagoya Cochin, and Sansui. There’s a powerfully pleasant chicken aroma as soon as you walk in the door.

Top row on the vending machine is the chicken ramen with a soy sauce (shoyu) seasoning. The 2nd row is the same, but with a salt (shio) seasoning. The 3rd row is miso ramen.

Shoyu Ramen

Toybox Ramen - Shoyu
Soy Sauce Ramen with Egg

Their soy sauce seasoned chicken ramen is the gold standard. They blend a ridiculous NINE types of soy sauce together! It’s moderately sweet in flavor and is similar to ramen from places like Yamaguchi or Ishin.

Shio Ramen

Toybox Ramen - Shio
Salt Ramen with Egg

The shio (salt) seasoned ramen is softer and really brings out that radiant chicken flavor. He uses 4 salts and and changes things up with a sansho pepper and some dried fish. with But with both bowls, there’s a golden chicken stickiness that clings to your lips.

Toybox Ramen - Noodles

This also comes from the chicken oil sprinkled on top. Everything else is quality of course, whether the wheaty, aromatic noodles or the elegantly draped hosaki menma (top half of the bamboo shoot topping).

Ramenya Toybox is a bit out of the way from central Tokyo. But they don’t mess around – serving some of the best chicken ramen in Tokyo!


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