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Tsunagi - Filling Miso Ramen in Ebisu

Ramen shop Tsunagi in Tokyo's Ebisu neighborhood was awarded the title of Most Innovative Ramen in Japan by Yahoo. They’re a sound choice for ramen in Ebisu.

Tsunagi Signature - Filling Miso Ramen

Their mainstay is a miso ramen. It’s fattier than most, thanks to a big helping of pork back fat (seabura).

They also have a spicy miso ramen, with plenty of bean sprouts. The broth is also fatty but you won’t walk away feeling 10 kilos heavier.

For the spice level, you can choose from 1 to 3. Level 1 will make you sweat, but not like you’re in a sauna. Both miso ramen look and taste a lot like Do Miso. That’s because Tsunagi’s owner trained there!

Seasonal, Creative Ramen

Besides their always available miso ramen, Tsunagi has seasonal ramen on rotation. There’s a reason why they bagged that creative award last year.

Award-Winning, Creative Ramen in Ebisu - Tsunagi 2

Above and below is their own Katsuura style tantanmen. Unlike standard tantanmen, Katsuura style doesn’t use sesame seeds or sesame paste. Raiyu hot oil and tougarashi are added to a soy sauce base, along with minced pork and onions.

It’s very hot temperature-wise, just like how they make it in Katsuura. The small fishing town created this dish to keep fishermen warm on cold winter nights.

Award-Winning, Creative Ramen in Ebisu - Tsunagi 3

Award-Winning, Creative Ramen in Ebisu - Tsunagi 4

Creative geniuses at work

Unique Ingredients

Below is Tsunagi’s mostu (tripe) miso ramen. They use thick noodles that you have to spend a little more effort to bite into. 

It’s got a lot of big pieces of tripe and is more beef stew than ramen. Veggies include daikon, onions, carrots, and konjac. 

Award-Winning, Creative Ramen in Ebisu - Tsunagi 6

They also have a Mazesoba. It's soupless and oil-based and you’re meant to mix it all up. Its key ingredients include minced meat, raw egg yolk, and toppings like onions and seaweed.

Pictured below is their “Toksuen” version, with extra toppings like grilled pork and menma. They’ll ask you if you want it with or without garlic (ninniku). You might as well just get it with garlic – there are plenty of diced onions in there anyway. Your date won’t mind.

Award-Winning, Creative Ramen in Ebisu - Tsunagi 9

The raw egg yolk is runny and nicely coats the spicy oil that’s used. Overall, it’s well balanced in flavor – somewhat salty but also savory from the grilled pork and minced pork.

Award-Winning, Creative Ramen in Ebisu - Tsunagi 10

Last on the list is a black sesame seed tantanmen. It’s a bowl of thick and chewy noodles sitting on top of an oily black sesame broth. The tomato slices add umami bounce. It’s helped along with little bits of ginger, onions, minced pork, and actual peanuts. 

Award-Winning, Creative Ramen in Ebisu - Tsunagi 7

Whatever season you go, Tsunagi will have creative ramen at the ready.


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