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Best Fujisawa Ramen - Rāmen Toki

In Fujisawa (South of Tokyo), Rāmen Toki (らぁめん鴇) reigns supreme. Their chicken-centered ramen is lip-smacking delicious.

Best Ramen Shop in Fujisawa?

One of Kanagawa's largest cities, Fujisawa is just south of Tokyo. It's near Enoshima and Kamakura, both popular destinations for beach going and sightseeing.

Ramen Closeup
Shoyu Ramen with All Toppings (Tokusei)

Among Fujisawa ramen shops, Rāmen Toki is the highest ranked. They serve just 2 bowls - a shoyu (soy sauce) ramen and a kamo soba. The shoyu ramen (pictured) is their house special. In the soup there's a pleasant saltiness and sweetness from the shoyu. ⁠

Ramen Toki's Signature Shoyu Ramen

Beyond the shoyu is a warm, whole chicken flavor. The soup is mostly chickens and clams. All in all, the bowl is similar to Menya Ishin's in Meguro, Tokyo. This makes sense, as the owner trained at Menya Ishin back in the day.

Extra Chashu Pork
Shoyu Ramen with Extra Chashu (Chashumen)

The toppings are as excellent as they look. There's menma (bamboo shoots), komatsuna (Japanese spinach), naruto (fish cake), negi (spring onions), and chicken and pork chashu. The pork in particular stands out - it's Ibérico pork rib!

Thinner Noodles

Thinner noodles pick up the soup⁠.

Rāmen Toki Summary

⁠Besides being at the top of the Fujiasawa ramen food chain, Rāmen Toki is on Tabelog's Top 100 ramen list for East Japan.

Outside Ramen Toki

The praise is understandable.


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