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Marue Chuukasoba - Top-Tier Ramen in Sugamo

For ramen in Sugamo, Marue Chuukasoba (まるえ中華そば) is the newest on the block, opening in July 2020. Their refined shio ramen features giant slabs of smoky pork.

Marue Chuukasoba - Owner Emoto-san

Some Background on Marue Chuukasoba

Ramen shop Marue Chuukasoba comes to us from Emoto Masahiro, the ramen master behind Ramen Emoto in Naka-Meguro. Marue occupies the same space that Tsuta (Tokyo’s first Michelin star ramen shop) used to. Maybe this will provide some good luck!

Opening Day

Golden Shio Ramen

Unlike their Naka-Meguro ramen shop, there’s just one type of ramen at Marue. That’s all they need – because it’s fantastic. The soup is crystal clear and based around a punchy shio (salt). The soup itself is mostly pork bones.

Marue Chuukasoba - Chashumen

Thin but springy, wavy noodles pull in that rejuvenating, golden soup. Toppings include negi (spring onions) and extra crunchy menma (bamboo shoots).

Marue Chuukasoba - Ramen Noodles

But the standout toppings are the gigantic slabs of pork chashu. They’re carefully prepared in a tandoor (clay oven). Being singed on the sides, they give the bowl a nice smoky flavor. In addition, this eventually turns that clear soup into a more brown color.

Marue Chuukasoba - Ramen Helicopter View

To see Marue was like on opening day, check out the below video!

Closing Thoughts

I’d expect nothing less from Emoto-san – Marue exudes excellence. For ramen in Sugamo, the scene just got much hotter.


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